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How Much Does It Cost To Store and Develop a Mobile App?

Business or Personal mobile phone apps with templates readily available or bespoke design for branding! App packs available Bronze, Silver or Gold.

What is A Mobiles Store Business or Personal App?

Start to think of your new app development platform in the same way you would download a gaming app, banking app or shopping store app on your mobile phone or tablet, but this is not a game app it’s your own shop window app, publishable on Apple, IOS, Android and Amazon all for one price, starting with a 21 day trial period.

Optional currencies available.

It’s a massive opportunity for you to present yourself or your business in front of users on a Social and Digital Application Platform by using mobile app digital marketing.

How Does it Work?

The user download your app giving them instant access to a shop front window bringing your ideas alive and into reality. Example, sell with a shopping cart using PayPal buttons or Credit Card detail options, ability to offer coupon, click to call, send notification and ideal for offering free gifts with every download. The ability is endless, plus so much many more features for interacting available through the Mobiles App Store.

A new generation of marketing your idea digitally, FACT: of which everyone will be investigating at some point!

Examples of apps developed using the Mobiles App Store Platform.

Give users the opportunity to carry you around with them wherever they are, or where ever they go through their mobile phone or tablet.

Why do you need an app?

Could you expand your idea in to a business app?

Could you make money from a business app?

Keep reading below…

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Your app needs to stay view-able in the future?

Creating a store foundation for your mobile app development is NOT going to cost you more in the future as you and the digital world advances.

We keep you current, updating your app every three months (all inclusive), so as the market grows and changes we keep you connected without having to ever worry about rebuilding your app all over again!

All phone and tablet manufacturers upgrade (progression) which CAN cause an app to dis-function correctly, so not to worry as we have this covered and your app will continue functioning on all major platforms and new upgrades!

What Platforms do we Use?

We build on all major platform with including IOS and Android open source code. This is in most parts created with the use of API connections feeding through into all social media networks such as Facbook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. We can take website data activity and add this with a simple click of a button.


Having a mobile app from our mobileappstore can be a game changing marketing tool, adding awareness of activities through Google Play, Apple and Amazon stores driving additional traffic and most of all creating additional revenue!

Using our Mobiles App Store gives you access to one of the most advanced app development software’s available, used by many major brands such as Garnier, Fox News, ebay, Coca Cola and Reuters  are just a few examples to mention.

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What Comes With Your App?
• Stunning app designs
• All the hard work and development done
• Promotes on three major mobile networks
• Customize brand with full back up and support
• Easy real time update editing control
• Implementation for Analytic’s
• Quick and easy sending Notifications
• Increase profits engage your customers through Social Media
• Offer Loyalty Card in to your clients mobiles
• Targeting recipients in a specific location geographically
• Send Message instantly direct to your app subscribers
• Just one clicks and it’s done!
• One time annual mobile network platform connection fee free all included
• Monthly payment plan starting from £59.97

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App Development Process
1. The Idea, foundation and planning
2. Functionality Layout
3. Design
4. Development
5. Going Live on platforms

What devices are accessible?
• iPhone
• Android
• iPad
• Apple Mac
• Windows
• Tablets
• All major mobile digital networks

No problems, we cover them all!

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Here is the analytics of what our own app has managed to generate since first publishing in 2013. Image your app having similar results, do you think this could benefit you?


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